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Our long experience in cinema field allow us to provide you a range of professional services for any kind of requests. From designing the theatre and the screens up to the post sales support, we are your reliable partner for your business.

Financial Services

We offer a wide range of financial services to support each cinema owner to purchase any kind of cinema equipment.

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Advisors for cinema project

We offer consulting services to design your best theatre or your cinema screen introducing audio and video equipment top of class.

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Technical assistance and repair services

Our specialists are able to give, locally or in remote, assistance on cinema equipment and manage the repairing process in case of fault.

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Film festival services

We are able to set up a screening room for any event requiring an high level service. We are technical sponsor of several film festival like Venice Film Festival in Italy

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Training course for professionals

We provide training courses for cinema personnel from projectionists to audio/video specialist.

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Customer Care 24 hours x 7 days

Cinemeccanica’s staff provides local or remote assistance, working every days from 9 AM to 1 PM in the night.

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