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ESPARENATM is a solution designed to support electronic games and tournaments in the cinema halls. It increases the chance of exploitation of the halls thanks to an alternative that is complementary to the movie show.

It allows (temporarily or permanently) the fast switching from a standard cinema theater to an ARENA for gamers, open to the audience. There, it is possible to play games and watch professional or amateur game competitions.


Specially designed game station to be placed into the theater
– Ultimate hardware for gaming
– Professional Gamepad and HW
– peripherals
– 24” display HD, 144 Hz


ESPARENATM platform includes the hardware and the software necessary to play games in the theater, it provides the promotion services and the technical support, organizes the competitions and manages the contacts between the gamers and their communities. EsparenaTM is available worldwide with different technical and marketing solutions for being properly adapted to the country where the platform will be open in.

ESPARENATM offers the possibility to convert the movie theater in a new amazing site for video game fans, in flexible way, when the screen is usually not used, to extend the audience of potential new cinema attenders.

The ESPARENATM platform includes:

  • The ESPARENATM Hardware designed to play games in the cinema hall (up to 10 gaming seats and a Game Management System);
  • The ESPARENATM Software Service including:
    • ESPARENATM Managing Software;
    • The official authorization from publishers to play games in public areas;
    • Dedicated Web site to promote and manage competitions and tournaments in the theatres;
      Remote support.

The ESPARENATM Account Manager provides promotional activities, organizes and manages events and tournaments in the cinemas through the web site and the social media.