Also this year Cinemeccanica, has the prestigious role of technical sponsor of the 77th Venice International Film Festival – La Biennale di Venezia which will take place from 2 to 12 September 2020.

Cinemeccanica will provide to the organization the equipments for digital cinema projections in the screens during the event and will provide qualified resources to support the festival operators.

This year Cinemeccanica has contributed to the installation of 12 halls for the execution of the Festival, including 2 open-air cinemas to grant the widest view of the contents even in this period where social distancing is a necessity.

As for digital projections, Cinemeccanica will use two lighting solutions for the projectors: a classic one based on xenon lamps and one based on light generated by RGB lasers. This one will take advantage of the RGB LUX laser source – a Cinemeccanica proprietary technology – capable of providing brilliant and natural colors, thanks to a wider range of colors and a uniform light and compliant with the parameters of the best cinemas in the world.

This year 4 cinema halls will use the RGB LUX laser source during the Festival.

Like in the previous year, for the management of the numerous films in competition and on view, a latest generation software called TMS (Theater Management System) STREAMER will be used, capable of projecting the contents present in a central server archive instantly and simultaneously in the various rooms of the event.

TMS STREAMER is a product developed by Cinemeccanica to expand the services offered by the cinemas of the future and create a new concept of customer-oriented cinema: the new software allows diversification of the offer of shows for the public, and can allow viewers themselves in the room – through a touch display – to independently manage the selection and use – “ON DEMAND” – of various contents (DCP, HD, alternative theatrical and musical films – live or recorded, filmmakers movies, amateur and private videos, videos from WEB, activation of video game platforms, karaoke, company presentations).