Cinecloud Lux is the light that finally makes watching a movie unforgettable and offers unprecedented benefits.

RGB Laser light illumination system for new or existing DLP projector. A scalable solution for any DLP projector, easy to install even in a small projection booth. The laser source, embedded in 1 or 2 self-standing compact rack and coupled into a fiber optic bundle, can be fitted on the projector engine to replace the traditional Xenon lamp, saving the original projector.
The cinema will safeguard the investment, will reduce the running costs and will increase the shows quality.

Full warranty for the projector
LUX includes an insurance to cover the projection system when the projector warranty is still in force.

Financial package
CINEMECCANICA BANK supplies a 5 or 7 years leasing, to support cinema investiment, without down payment


Provide from 8.000 up to
48.000 Lumens

Provide up to 20.000 Lumens

Provide up to 25.000 Lumens

Provide up to 30.000 Lumens

Provide up to 35.000 Lumens

Provide up to 40.000 Lumens

Provide up to 45.000 Lumens

Provide up to 50.000 Lumens

Provide up to 55.000 Lumens

Provide up to 60.000 Lumens