First installation of TMS CineCloud Streamer at Bingo Cinemas in China

Cinemeccanica has installed its new TMS CineCloud Streamer in Foshan and Beijing (China).

In Foshan it will manage 20 “private-cinema halls” while in Beijing will have to mage 30 halls.

The CineColud Streamer, available for main cinema servers, (Barco Alchemy, Dolby IMS2000/IMS3000, Sony, CineCloud IMB) can control up 32 halls at the same time giving to the cinema the possibility to give a flexible offer of contents to the costumers.

In fact, it can Direct stream of alternative contents:

  • Last released and old movies
  • Alternative contents (live or recorded)
  • Proprietary contents (via USB plug)
  • WEB based contents
  • ESPARENA or other cinema gaming solutions
  • Karaoke
  • Audio Music
  • Presentations