Opening Horizont Multiplex with Laser LUX in Rostov

Cinemeccanica has provided the equipment to supply 13 cinema halls for the opening of the Multiplex Horizont in Rostov, Russia.

The opening is planned for the 20th of March.

All the halls will be use LUX RGB laser projectors and the Dolby Atmos audio system.

The laser light applied to the movie projection makes the best images, with more vivid colours and intensity, giving to the spectators the feeling of a higher contrast and a wider depth. The projection system with laser light is safe and works for 30.000 hours, maintaining its brightness unchanged over time.

This means to benefit of an even top quality from the first projection to the years to come. The laser light is also a green technology, since it is reducing the consumption of electricity and eliminating the use of pollutants discharge lamps

The Dolby Atmos system is based on sound objects, unlike previous systems that were based on channels. This system supports up to 128 sound objects, each with its own sound characteristics, to each of them can be assigned any position in a three-dimensional space, position that can vary over time.
According to the position taken by the event at a given moment, the audio processor will decide which speakers will play it, so as to generate a more realistic three-dimensional audio environment.

Thanks to these technical solutions the multiplex will be the most advanced in the world.