Installation Laser at Catania

Cinemeccanica has recently installed a Laser LUX 6 2A projector in Catania, Italy.

The laser light applied to the movie projection makes the best images, with more vivid colours and intensity, giving to the spectators the feeling of a higher contrast and a wider depth. The projection system with laser light is safe and works for 30.000 hours, maintaining its brightness unchanged over time.

This means to benefit of an even top quality from the first projection to the years to come. The laser light is also a green technology, since it is reducing the consumption of electricity and eliminating the use of pollutants discharge lamps

The hall was also equipped with the new JBL 9350 loudspeakers.

The 9350 packs a sonic punch, and delivers extraordinary coverage through its advanced engineering, including three patent-pending technologies. Each loudspeaker generates a sculpted side or rear pattern, adjusted with the flick of a switch. With a passive crossover network, waveguide technologies, and line array techniques, coverage can be adjusted to fit a theatre’s unique environment. The 9350 further enhances coverage by configurable vertical and horizontal coverage angles based on whether the surround is located on the rear or side wall location.