IMAGO is a service consisting of a hardware and software platform: a room sensor detects the parameters of the projector’s light source (laser or xenon) in real time, while a microphone detects the sound pressure level in 5.1 or 7.1 sound format.

Connected via network to a central device, IMAGO communicates with the projection server, allowing fully automatic management of the Audio/Video quality control. The central device collects the data and sends it daily to the software platform of the Cinemeccanica Support Center (NOC), which can then assess the projection quality or inform the cinema to arrange for maintenance. The system automatically detects problems in the room not only when they are evident but also informs in real-time of any qualitative deteriorations, allowing for preventive actions even when a malfunction is not yet apparent.

Technical Features:
IMAGO is compatible with any server installed on the cinema projector and with the TMS software (if present).
– Sensor sensitivity: 380-780nm
– Sensor tolerance: +/- 1 nm
– Sensitivity to brightness measurement: 3 fL – 1570 fL
– Color accuracy: X:X:±0.0015 Y:±0.001
– Sound pressure level: 0-100dB
– Power consumption: 5W