For “Cinema Lovers” is a campaign set out to promote the avant-garde theatres equipped with Dolby Atmos sound technology and Lux movie theatres, which provide the very best projection quality.
Constant high brightness images, calibrated colours and wrap around sound to bring back the audience to the cinema.

Dolby Atmos sound technology and Lux movie theatres are the only and ideal place to fully enjoy watching a movie.

Realistic, full-immersion and genuine sound thanks to Dolby Atmos® sound technology.
Vivid, brilliant and high contrast images, thanks to the 4k Laser RGB Lux format projections.
A cinematographic experience qualitatively superior.

Get into the movie with an extraordinary sound

Enter a new audio dimension with Dolby Atmos®. One step ahead of surround sound, Dolby Atmos brings you into the movie with an  overwhelming sound, that fills the cinema and wraps you to offer entertainment with the highest quality sound.

Let yourself be swept by the sounds of people, places, things and music that come alive with an extraordinary realism moving in the space.
Immersive and exciting, Dolby Atmos is the audio you can feel, the sound which creates a very strong entertainment experience.

Main advantages

  • A leap forward from surround sound, Dolby Atmos delivers a breakthrough experience that leverages the latest Dolby®  advances in sound technology.
  • Encompassing sound creates fuller, more immersive audio that puts you inside the action.
  • Precise placement and movement of individual sounds throughout the cinema, even overhead, brings the story to life.
  • Breathtaking sound quality delivers impressive clarity, richness, detail, and depth.
  • Lifelike nuance gives individual sounds their own unique characteristics—big or small, loud or quiet, focused or diffused—to more closely match your experience of sounds in the real world.
  • Crisply rendered speech makes it easier to hear every word of dialogue and every nuance of expression.
  • Expressive impact from the incredible realism elevates your emotions and excites your senses to deliver a powerfully moving experience.

LUX RGB Laser source for cinema projectors

LUX is the RGB laser light, which finally makes watching a movie so extraordinary and unforgettable, offering cinemas unprecedented advantages.

It’s a laser lighting system for DLP projectors (Barco, Christie, NEC) that replace the xenon lamp, easy to install even in small projection booths.
The laser source is composed of 1 or 2 rack, according to the light power and a set of fiber optics, connected to the projector’s optic system.

LUX expands the pictures colour range, making them more natural and brilliant.

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Cinemas equipped with Dolby Atmos© & Lux

Cooming soon with Dolby Atmos© & Lux

Bhoemian Rapsody - Dolby Atmos Lux
Lo Schiaccianoci e i quattro regni - Dolby Atmos Lux
Il Grinch - Dolby Atmos Lux
Quello che non uccide - Dolby Atmos Lux
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