RGB Laser Lamp

Lucilla, the ultimate RGB Laser Lamp, has been designed to improve the image quality and save running costs compared to Xenon Bulbs

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Laser Light Source

The laser light source adaptable to DLP Digital Projector (Barco, Christie, Cinemeccanica, Kinoton, NEC) new or existing.

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Digital Cinema Projector

Cinemeccanica provides the most comprehensive range of certified DCI digital cinema projectors in the industry. From the small, integrated DP2K-8S to the top of the range DP4K-32B, our product line includes the perfect solution for every screen.

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Digital Cinema Server

We are able to provide advice, installation and configuration of digital cinema servers according to the needs of the cinema, selecting from time to time the servers CineCloud, Doremi or Dolby.

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Audio Product

We design and manufacture high performance sound systems for cinemas, using the most modern technology available. We can customize all kinds of cinema, even with the most complex acoustic problems.

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3D Digital Cinema

Cinemeccanica is able to advise their clients the best 3D technologies, with a wide range of products of the major brands on the market.

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35mm and 70mm Projectors

Cinemeccanica provides the most comprehensive range of projectors 35mm/70mm for each movie screen. Over 90 years of experience enables us to provide consulting in 35mm/70mm projectors and a practical help for the transition to digital projectors.

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Financial & Technical services

Our long experience in cinema field allow us to provide you a range of professional services for any kind of requests. From designing the theatre and the screens up to the post sales support, we are your reliable partner for your business.

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Projection screens

Cinemeccanica is both producer and retailer of cinema screens. The screen SUNNYSCREEN FX entirely produced by the company is the result of decades of experience in the film industry. Cinemeccanica also markets the full range of screens and Harkness Demospec.

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Lamps Projectors

Cinemeccanica is able to provide its customers with projectors Xenon lamps of the two largest producers in the world, Osram and Ushio. Cinemeccanica sells lamps Osram and Ushio for all models of projectors on the market. Cinemeccanica has also an online shop where buy at special prices.

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Spare Parts

Cinemeccanica is one of the most important dealer for principal brands in cinema market and can reserve to customers special conditions for spare parts.

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